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This collection has as characteristic the nine-pointed star, the 9 is a sacred Number since it is composed of three times the number Three. The ninth letter of the Jew alphabet is THET meaning “hidden light”.
The 9 is the last number of the essential figures representing the evolutionary path of man.
No number can go beyond the nine, to indicate the impassable limit to which every individual submits in the material world.
It is therefore the symbol of realization.
It indicates the period of gestation, 9 months for the birth of a new life. The meaning of the number 9, therefore, is to be traced back to the words “generation” and “reincarnation”.
This archetype represents the feminine, the bride, the earth represents the generation, the knowledge and the communication of the inner verb, the illumination, the personal journey.
For the Cabala represents the awareness of the good, the fruit of the transformation of suffering into knowledge. The awareness that becomes the alliance with the Supreme. A form similar to the Thet is the lotus flower, one of the most venerable and ancient symbols. The lotus flower grows in muddy water and emerges on the surface in all its glow. Untouchable by the impurity even when at night it comes back in the mud, it symbolizes the purity of heart and mind, the perfection.
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